Saturday, March 04, 2006

Rhyme Time

You know that scene in The Princess Bride where Inigo and Fezzik are playing their rhyming game and you discover that Fezzik isn't all muscle but has something upstairs after all? (If not, go back and watch the movie again. You know you want to anyway.) Well, my boys like playing that game. Especially Punkin Boy (still 2 years old). Pirate Boy has been studying poetry in kindergarten (I love the Core Knowledge program!), then comes home and plays school with his brother.

So you get little exchanges like this throughout the day:

Pirate Boy: Water tower!
Punkin: Eisenhower!

They play variations on the game, too. The other day Punkin was getting all Gertrude Stein on us, saying things like "a rose is a rose" and "a nose is a nose." #1 Son decided to get in on the action, throwing out similar phrases to see what rhymes his brother would respond with. It went on for a few rounds, then #1 Son decided to get tricky.

#1 Son: A horse is a horse--
Punkin: Of course, of course!

Smirk. Not much gets past that kid.


Cricket said...

Ok, please put into words why people like the Princess Bride. I'd seen it once after everybody raved about it, then recently purchased it in the hopes of culling a taste for it, but I cannot. I have a terrific sense of humor and laugh at almost anything, like a slut for humor, but I can't get it on with the Princess Bride. What am I missing? What movie is similar? I'm curious if I might like a parallel and I'm just a black hole over TPB.

Dorothy said...


Jack said...

cricket said:
"Ok, please put into words why people like the Princess Bride."

Are you kidding? Fencing. Fighting. Torture. Revenge. Giants. Monsters. Chases. Escapes. True love. Miracles.
-The Grandfather, opening scene

Scone said...

I like it for its intelligent silliness. The book is even better.