Friday, March 24, 2006

Saga Update

It's only fair that I should give a quick update on our week's adventure. First of all, The Man's gone back to that faraway town to pick up our car after repairs. (New axle, anyone?) Great. At least it's not snowing this time.

Punkin Boy has been saying "We're driving this car. Our car is in [Faraway Town Name]" for a couple days now. He's getting a kick out of our rental car, a brand-new (doesn't even have license plates), strangely retro Nissan Altima. Mostly, I think he likes it because he can get into it without a rope harness and pitons. (No, our car's not really that big, but exaggeration is funny, see?)

OK, so what else is going on? Pirate Boy has been giving his younger brother Spanish lessons, which is kinda cool. And Punkin Boy has been studying U.S. geography, which is awesome. He knows at least half of the states by shape, and can place them in the right spot on a map. I love the way these guys just do this stuff with no prompting.

#1 Son is still struggling at his new school. They did warn us his grades would probably drop, but I don't think anyone expected it to be this bad. He's failing two subjects, spelling and science, which is troubling to the editor and scientist who live with him. He is getting a B in math, which was cause for optimism until we discovered that he's in the 4th-grade class. (He's 11 and in 5th grade for those without a scorecard.) Well, at least he's no longer feigning blindness every other day. It's been an interesting adjustment.

Every day is an adventure. Fortunately, I'm a writer always looking for new material. It's everywhere.


Jen said...

Exaggerations *IS* funny. I got a perfect picture of what your car must be like from your description. Hee hee!

Scone said...

And yet, the other day at a stop light, I was eyeball-to-license-plate with a Hummer. And that's no exaggeration!

Bone said...

Hi, just stopping by from Surrender Dorothy's blog.

I'm new here, but no longer feigning blindness? That's interesting.

Scone said...

Yeah, if it was someone else's kid, I'd think it was hilarious. It does make a pretty funny story. As it is, I'm kind of embarrassed talking to his school administrators about his weirdness. ("No, I don't understand, either. No, I don't know where he gets it..." while trying not to point too directly at his freak of a mother.)