Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Ahhh, That's Better

Fixed the earlier post that was messing up my display. Finally!

Had a great interview this morning with a giant megacorp and a little band of environmentalist crusaders (yes, at the same time). It was fun, and they were really impressed with my editing. (Hooray!) I probably won't hear until the end of next week whether either of them wants me, so I can relax (HA!) and prepare for my big interview coming up Monday in the frigid Midwest. (What am I, crazy?)

Apparently, yes, I am crazy, because I have recently taken on a freelance project to write a technical white paper for a certain software company which shall remain nameless (unless this whole thing turns out really well). What on earth could have possessed anyone to ask me to do this? Well, my still-wonderful former boss (not the PHB) had been asked to do it (again, why?) but had way more work than hours in the day to accomplish it. And (unlike other bosses with more angular hairdos), when she needed someone who could do a good job, she thought of me. So maybe she's crazy too. Anyway, I've committed to it, for her sake, and am diligently working away into the night on this thing. And if (when?) it turns out well, I'll have one more thing to add to my portfolio.

And I have Girl Scout cookies. Thin Mints make everything all right.


Kory O said...

Congratulations!!! This is excellent news! Hope the best one makes you an offer soon!

Dorothy said...

Happy Dance*HappyDance*HappyDance*

and yes, thin mints make it all go away.

See you in 12 Days!!!!