Wednesday, November 02, 2005

I Got It Going On

Testing... Does this show up? Finally?

In case anyone was wondering where I am lately. Dig the new photo, too.


MrsIrB said...

I see it!

Jerydien said...

ok - I saw your entry earlier that you had registered for it. Flip had been pestering me to give it a shot and I posted on a message board about how I was considering it. As a result, myself and 5 other people from the board are working on it as well. When I told Flip about it, it reminded him that he was gonna give it a shot himself.

So... congrats, sweetie! You've led 7 other people into the fray with you!

Kristine said...

You're gorgeous! Good luck with the novel. :)

purpleelephant said...

Hey! Glad you decided to do it after all!
I'm finding it hard work this year.

Scone said...

Whee! What name are you registered under, Fuhz? I'll put you on my friends list. (I can NOT believe you are trying this with a newborn and a toddler to deal with! Congratulations, by the way!)

Jerydien said...


I'm registered there as Fuhzzy as well.

I can't really believe I'm trying this with a toddler and newborn myself, but it's a great excuse to grab the laptop and head fort the coffee house for a few hours. Even more surprising to me is Flip trying it. He's not big on fiction as it is, so writing a novel seems a bit odd for him. On top of that, he's working on a Master's degree, is taking flying lessons, has started on a new contract for work, and is trying to pull together a workshop for an upcomming conference for next June.

I have a little excerpt of what I'm writing on my profile. Pure silliness, but I'm having fun with it!

Scone said...

Flip doesn't surprise me. He's a lot like my husband in certain ways. In this case, I can see him thinking, "Sheesh, if someone like *that* can write a novel, I can do it in my sleep with one had tied behind me." I'm glad that he's been supportive of you doing it, too.

Scone said...

Kristine: Thanks. I used to be, anyway.

PE: You're way ahead of me on word count, anyway. How do you manage it? I can't seem to do more than 600 words an hour, and that's not enough.

Fuhz: I like the excerpt. I think I've met those characters--in German one year.

Kory O said...

You go, girl!

Wish I could do it....damn ADD & cross stitch thingy I gotta complete before my buddy's kid is born around the 27th!

(Yes...cross stitch. Sometimes, I gotta get in touch with my feminine side, and besides, I think the apartment complex would spaz if I tried to set up a workshop in here...)