Tuesday, November 08, 2005


I've broken the 20 percent mark, and only 23% of the way through the working month. (Omitting Sundays does put a cramp in my word count, but I'll make it anyway.) Over ten thousand words into my novel, I still haven't gotten to the main action, and that's OK. I've been fascinated to see what the early bit has turned out like.

For anyone who hasn't tried this experiment before, I totally recommend it. What a rush!


Gloria Glo said...

Wow. Congratulations. I got 10 words in and was like, wow. I wrote something. Now back to blogging. You are my hero. I wrote heroine, but then realized that could mean an intervention, and I don't have time. I'm supposedly writing a novel.

Scone said...

Thanks, Glo. It has been an amazing experience. Mainly I've been amazed that I have gotten anything written at all when I only get to sit down at the computer after the kids go to bed. Needed something to do all night anyway while The Man is up working physics problems. Wish I had the energy of those perky college students.