Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Long-Distance Love

...going out to #1 Son tonight. It was his birthday today, but we weren't able to get hold of him. TM didn't answer his cell phone and hasn't given me his new home phone. Not sure we have the right address for them, either.

If you hear something, it's the sound of my heart breaking as I realize I've lost yet another son.


Mama Cat said...

Sorry to hear that! My hubby was wondering how he was doing, and I mentioned it was his b-day. He wanted to get ahold of him somehow, but I said I didn't know--I did send a card (w/money) to your old home address, thinking they were still there. Hope it makes it to him. I think of him often and hope he'll make it through all this.

Scone said...

You are still an awesome aunt, sis. They do go by the house occasionally (it's still not cleared out, but getting close, or so I hear), so he'll probably get it eventually. I'm not sure when or if TM ever checks the mailbox. Or if he's had his mail forwarded yet. But eventually. I hope.