Thursday, May 22, 2008

Bloody Weather

Yeah, it's been a weird weather day, as you may have heard. Twisters everywhere, power outages, school lockdowns, hail-battered cars. One of the guys TM's working with this week heard the following from a friend in a bit of a quandary: "I tried to go to work, but when I got there the building was gone. So I went home-- well, I tried to..." You guessed it, that was gone, too.

On the other hand, TM got out of work early. And our therapist canceled our appointment tonight. ("Marriage Counseling Called on Account of Tornadoes" makes an awesome headline, don't you think?) But since we had a sitter already, we got to have a date-- a REAL date. We saw Indiana Jones 4 and it was heaven. (Me: "Cate Blanchett?! Really?!") And the kids had fun, too. So it was good for us.

[P.S. I totally wanna be Cate Blanchett.]


Jack said...

Glad to hear you survived the tornados.

I haven't actually heard much good about Indiana Jones IV. Was "heaven" the movie or just being out on a date?

Some review I read said that Blanchett was wasted in the movie between a tight black bob and unflattering wardrobe. I thought that was an odd way to describe her role. "Unless she's sexually objectified, she may as well not even be on the screen."

Scone said...

The movie was a blast; I wouldn't have enjoyed the date quite so much if we'd been watching "Speed Racer," for example.

I don't know about your reviewer, but I didn't even recognize Cate and was shocked when I saw her on the credits. I couldn't believe it even when I did see her name up there. The same woman who played Galadriel as an alien-obsessed KGB colonel? She did an awesome job. The high-speed chase/sword fight through the jungle was intense. Come to think of it, slap that reviewer.

Scone said...

It was a fairly practical wardrobe, too, for all the climbing, jumping, and other physical feats she had to do. Tell you what, though, Harrison Ford is about done being able to perform his own stunts. And Shia LeBouef looks like he's ready to take over. First, he needs to change his name, though.