Saturday, November 17, 2007

Getting Better

Well, I'm mostly over the cold. Which is good, because The Man and the little pirates have it now, and I'm on call.

I'm not getting very far with my NaNo thing, but that's OK. It's Year 3, which is always the most miserable year anyway. And I'm not completely losing, just oh, about halfway to where I should be by now. The important thing is that I'm making a start on the script to the new musical.

And, um... Pirate Boy won a "Nobel Prize" the other day for a machine he built for 2nd grade science fair. Cool huh? He dismantled it before I could get a picture, though, darn him.

Speaking of pictures, we got a family photo taken last Saturday for the first time since Pirate Boy was a baby. Well, we got about 30 of them taken. One of them wasn't entirely horrible. So we bought it.

What else? It's cold here. Nasty cold. Can it seriously be late November already?


Renee said...

Sorry the rest of the gang caught your cold...hope it passes quickly.

I need to get our family picture so I can get my Christmas cards out here soon...I like to do them early. I have a cousin who writes that my card helps remind her to get started on hers.

Congrats on the prize...I'm sure he'll understand next time to wait until you get a picture.

No Reason said...

Glad you're past the cold...wish Sylvia was...I can't imagine being pregnant AND unable to breathe...yuck!

Mama Cat said...

We're all still sick...blech. Mark's pretty sure he has pneumonia, plus now he has guck oozing out of one eye continuously. And no insurance. Double blech.

Mama Cat said...

I meant to say this before, but I'm glad you're feeling better and hope the boys don't stay sick for long. You're in our prayers--Happy Thanksgiving! Love you!

Jen said...

Man, those colds can be bad. I wish they'd call it something that sounded as bad as colds feel. Otherwise, it seems like people don't take it seriously when you're suffering.