Friday, June 15, 2007

I Could So Home School

Yesterday The Man (TM) worked late again, and I felt exhausted. I had just started to chide myself for being such a wimp, when something inside me rebelled and started listing all the things I'd done since I woke up that morning. These are the ones I can remember:
  • Made breakfast, lunch, and dinner for me and the kids
  • Did laundry and dishes
  • Edited half a dozen articles
  • Did a ton of research on the Internet
  • Wrote one article
  • Emailed each of my authors at least once
  • Wiped a stinky butt more times than I care to count
  • Graded an essay
  • Broke up a couple dozen fights
  • Supervised art and writing lessons
  • Downloaded several photos to my hard drive
  • Recovered from 3 fatal computer errors
  • Read a dozen books with children
  • Got #1 Son to mow the lawn
  • Arranged for our food to be delivered

And did all of this with cramps and a migraine, on 5 hours' sleep. All right, I'm not trash-talking to myself anymore. In fact, I'm thinking I could be a teacher with credentials like that.


Renee said...

Well except for the fights (since I only have one) and the stinky butt part cuz she takes care of that herself now...that looks very much like my day.

Pat yourself on the back, you did awesome with a migraine & did good without the pain too.

Travis Erwin said...

I envy your multi-tasking ability.

Scone said...

I thought it might, Renee. Your energy is amazing.

Travis: thanks for stopping by!

Shadowsong said...

Come on in - the water's fine!

Hey, sweetie - sorry I've been so quiet for so long. I haven't dropped off the face of the Earth yet, though at times it's tempting! But even though I'm lousy at keeping in touch with people, I've been checking here regularly.

Seeing mention of home schooling finally broke my silence. We got the confirmation letter from the county school board that our daughter is now officially registered for home schooling. Should be quite the adventure.

Anyways, I'm trying to dust off my old blog and get it going again. I'll need some sort of outlet for the stress and worries of home schooling AND starting up a company.

*huggles* Hope to talk with you soon!


Jen said...

Right on! There you go, you're totally on top of it all!

My 5 year old still wants us to wipe his butt. He didn't potty train all that long ago, but I'm starting to get a little sick of it. He does have some of the cleanest undies in the house, though, so I guess there is a benefit to it...

I'm taking a break from my plumbing problems to blog a little and go visiting!