Friday, June 01, 2007

Easy Come, Easy Go

Yesterday, I was disappointed (to say the least) to learn that the contract for my second job fell through, so I won't be working that one after all. At least this time. They'll try again later. Sigh. I figured it must have been for the best, since I'm struggling just to get my minimum articles done now that the kids are home from school. "I guess I couldn't handle another job," I told myself.

Then this afternoon, the writing project boss called me up and asked, "Are you an editor? Would you like to be an editor for us?" Sweet! Yes and yes, I said. Apparently, the editing is easier and way faster than the writing (go figure), so the editors make pretty decent money. Awwriiighht!

Meanwhile, The Man (TM) is still working 2 jobs, one of which has him for, what, 14 hours just today. That makes my full-time job as a mom a lot more tiring. (Still could be worse--I'm not really a single parent, I keep reminding myself!)

I'm just about recovered from last weekend, with the visit of 8 of my wonderful relatives (including 2 of the cutest nieces anyone's ever had). And it turns out TM's parents will be arriving for a visit either tonight or tomorrow, depending on how fast Dad decides to drive. Whee!

Anybody got a spare nap on them?


Renee said...

I've got time for a nap right now...but I'm blogging instead. You wanna take my nap spot? :D

And I really think that you not getting the one job, but the other was God's work. HIS will is always perfect.

sylvia said... Can we see some? PLEEEEEAAAASSSEEEEE?

Scone said...

Would you believe I forgot my camera on Saturday and the batteries (even the spares) died on my digital camera Sunday just as we started taking pictures? So I don't have a single one to show for it all. Sigh.

Scone said...

Oh, and Renee, yes! I'll take a nap and you can work on my articles. 'K?

Kory said...

Congratulations on the promotion! I'm envious....or at least I would be if I wasn't so damn busy cranking out the product!! Way to go!

Scone said...

Thanks, Kory. (I guess having 2 jobs instead of 1 is a promotion.) Especially thanks for the tip on this project; it was just what I needed!