Monday, December 19, 2005

Winter Haiku

16 degrees out.
Our furnace igniter blows.
Brrrr... Cold inside now.


Dorothy said...

Too bad I can't stick my little brother in a box and send him to you. He's a whiz at stuff like that.

The part is relatively inexpensive, it 's paying for the service guys for an hour to do 20 minutes of work. Is it under warranty? This is where using your oven to warm the house will be fun. Bake lots of cookies and make pot roast or turkey for dinner. Have the kids have a contest to see who can eat spaghetti with their mittens the best.

Seriously, this happened to me winter of 2000. And it took 2 weeks to fix. I used my oven and the kids slept with me in a "tent" in my room. This is where having a dog would come in handy. They are great furnaces.

Scone said...

Thanks. Since it's an electronic igniter, it was a little tricky. Nobody sells the part on a Sunday, for example. We had plenty of people who could help us for free, if only we had the part. So The Man called a professional. He didn't charge us for the part, but the service call was $280+. Dangit. I had just told my folks we were OK for money, too. Sigh. I had thought that same thing about the dog.

Jessica said...

Love it!

Ivy said...

They handle bills under $500. They also do things like supply winter coats.

Congratulations on finishing the novel.