Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Things to Do in the Arctic Cold

In honor of the unholy cold that's got a grip on North America this week (hovering around zero Fahrenheit in my neck of the woods), I've given some thought to what you can really do in weather like this. Here are some suggestions for those who find this weather frustrating and useless:

1. Stay in bed and snuggle with someone you like.
2. Pile on lots of blankets and read a book.
3. Take a nice long nap.
4. Finish writing your NaNo novel, enjoying the warmth of the laptop.
5. Make a fire and sit as close as you can for as long as you can stand it.
6. Enjoy cocoa and popcorn with your family or friends.
7. Board up the igloo doors and wait for the spring thaw.

Notice that all these things involve being indoors (preferrably); also notice the absence of such items as
  • Drive all over town taking people to school.
  • Go out for yet another mammogram.
  • Make another couple round trips picking people up from school and other places.
  • Go outside for any reason.
  • Drive anywhere in the snow at all.

And yet, alas, my day involves lots of driving in ice and snow, much of it before and after the sun's showtime. Today I'm lucky; I only have to make 3 round-trips. Yesterday I made 5, including the one after sunset with all the kids, who are usually tired and want their dinner anyway. Tuesdays are worse because we get up an hour early to get The Man to his early class. And it was 10 times as bad yesterday because-- OK, storytime here.

Friday, TM says to me "Bad news: My final is on Monday at 7 a.m." Of course the buses don't run at that time of day, and the school is half an hour from our house, and we've only got one car, so this is bad news indeed. It means that we have to bundle the kids out of bed and into their shoes and coats at 6:15 a.m., put them in the car, drive 18 miles to drop their dad off at school, then I have to somehow get them home before they combust from anger at missing their breakfast (not to mention that 75 minutes of sleep), feed them and keep them from killing each other until it's time to take #1 Son to school, bring home the younger ones and somehow survive (at this point, it's that bad-- "Please, kids, just watch a movie or something!") until it's time to take a rather cranky Pirate Boy to afternoon kindergarten, bring a (by this time) screaming Punkin Boy home for a nap...

That he won't take because he has just grown big enough to open bedroom doors AND climb out of his crib. No prison can hold him, and he may never sleep again. Last night, he was up every 2 minutes till long past midnight, at which point he got too tired to keep it up and passed out on the bottom of his long-suffering brother's bed. Poor Pirate Boy has to share a room with this guy, so he's not getting enough sleep, either, but he's developing the ability to sleep through a tornado in his room (i.e., Punkin Boy). I alone of our family have the unfortunate habit of waking up at the slightest noise, especially when it's made by a small child. I haven't slept since Sunday, when I did a lot of napping because of...

The post-NaNo party! (Need to link to some pictures here. There were vast amounts of silliness perpetrated that night.) That, however, is a story for another day.

Postscripts: (1) Unfortunately, TM got mixed up about which Monday his final was on, so we went out 2 days ago amid the aforementioned chaos and personal sacrifice, only to find out that the final is really next Monday, and we'll have to do it all over again! No, I haven't yet committed murder. (2) No, I still haven't gotten anyone to tell me anything about that last mammogram. I waited around for an answer from the doctor's office for 2 weeks, but they were even less informative than the radiology tech, so here I go (right about now, in fact) for an ultrasound. If I ever find out what the deal is, I promise I'll post it here. For now, you can share my frustration at the wait.


Jack said...

Another idea: get out an engaging game which can be played indoors . . . if it's engaging enough it may take your mind off how cold it is even in the house because one spouse or the other hates to raise the thermostat.

It sounds about as cold there as here: mostly within plus or minus five degrees of zero. We don't have much snow, though. Maybe an inch. Maybe.

Man, very rarely do I think how fortunate we are to have two cars. They're both around 10 years old, the Caravan is starting to rust, the Prizm isn't all that comfortable . . . but we have no travel inconveniences. The first workday after Thanksgiving I found one tire flat on the Prizm 'cause we appear to have driven over a screw. So I took the Caravan to work. At the time I thought it was kinda' inconvenint, more for Becky than me since she took the car in to fix the tire while I was at work, but after hearing your situation I realize I don't have anything worth complaining about.

Good luck on the mammogram. I hope the results come back soon and come back clean.

Kory O said...

Don't envy you at all...but can relate to the one car situation. Can't fix my car until we get the reimbursement check for moving costs....which hubby's brilliant HR team sent to Phoenix, not Florida.

Merry Christmas, right? ;)

Hope the mammogram comes out clean. I have to get one soon, and will be pulling for you!

Dorothy said...

Can sympathize with the one car situation. We bought a van once we moved, just in time for our first van, Eve to RIP. With BH traveling between offices until we are final on the sale, it has been harrowing to say the least to get everything accomplished. I've been able to borrow my mom's parade convertible on a day to day basis. Hopefully this trial will pass quickly for you, although it has been a long go for you both so far. Just think warm thoughts. ;~D