Friday, May 06, 2005

My Life in Pictures

OK, you're probably wondering why I keep posting pictures of myself instead of showing off my babies. Well, it's not entirely Internet paranoia; I've tried to get some posted lately, but Picasa won't let me. Or rather, I get an error every time I try to upload photos of the kids-- but just of the kids. Weird. But my kids look a lot like me at varying ages, and what the heck. I'll get pics of the kids up when I've beaten Picasa into submission.

Meanwhile... here's one of my favorite pictures, and not because it's from my wedding. Well, not only that.

To me, it just breathes the romance of that sultry summer afternoon in Hawaii. And I think that my dad (who's a much better photographer than the official one we had) managed to capture the essence of our love in this one pre-kiss moment. It was a good moment.

Compare that to this one, taken 5 years earlier:

This was the result of my first husband's stupidity. He thought it would be nice to get me in for some glamour photography so they could teach me how to do my hair and makeup. In this shot, I was looking directly at him and thinking, "You complete moron, I already know how to look like this, I just don't have the 2 hours and endless cosmetics budget to do it with. Jackass." Well, that and trying to look as cool-yet-hot as possible. Alas for wasted youth.


Kory O said...

That was a lovely wedding. But where are the pictures of the trained parrots? ;)

Found Captain Howie's website on the net when I was looking for someone to do a vow renewal in Kauai for our first anniversary, BTW.

Scone said...

Those pictures are with the rest of the "official" batch-- which is to say I'm not sure anymore. Probably in storage somewhere. But we're slowly cleaning out. I ought to post the one of #1Son with the parrot on his head. That was a hoot! Or a caw, or something.

Jessica said...

Scone, you have amazing eyes.

Scone said...

Thanks, Jessica. Same atcha. I've noticed lately that I also have an amazingly bad attitude. I'll try to change that.