Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Oh, I Don't Know...

Forced into the unenviable position of choosing between his child and his education/career, my husband has chosen his child. That decision eliminates the possibility of our moving out of state, but now we're left with more choices. Do we:
  1. Sell our house anyway, rent locally for a while, and try again in a year to get the court's permission to move?
  2. Give up on selling our house, try to get the husband as many classes as possible this fall and try again in a year to get permission to move?
  3. Just give up, roll over, and enjoy the squalor for the rest of our lives?

None of these options is good, if you'll notice. Option 1 takes away our mortgage tax break and probably puts us into a smaller (if it were possible) residence, which is one of the last things we need with our growing, rowdy kids. And we don't have great odds of winning to begin with, so we'd be worse off with this one than with Option 3.

Option 2 makes our realtor mad, leading him to demand reimbursement for all the cash he's put into the effort of the past 6 months, despite the fact that our contract doesn't give him a leg to stand on. (Is everybody pursued by psychos, or is it just us?) Plus, we need the money from our house to pay tuition or at least the lawyer.

Option 3 isn't worth talking about, but it would be tempting if we weren't both so stubborn and contrary.

Also, we have the option of suing Miss Mommy Thing for lying under oath about how she'd support certain choices of her son, which in fact she has done the opposite of in the past and again in the present. Yeah, but I hate frivolous lawsuits, and I'm not sure this one wouldn't qualify.

I'm going back over this test; there's got to be a "None of the Above" option.


Jessica said...

Strangely (or perhaps, lamely), I have always been comforted by the clich├ęd and overused, "This too shall pass." It's not much of a silver lining, I know - but allow me to say, Scone, that - this too shall pass.

sallwood said...

I'd say given the circumstances, I'd invite my realtor to lunch, explain that you intend to sell the house, but that you need to defer for a year before entertaining another offer and that he/she/they are still your choice to represent you. Hubby might be able to pick up even 1 or 2 odd shifts a month(even pizza delivery on Sat. afternoons pays for diapers).That might help with the cash crunch and then enroll him full time and cram as much class as he can white-fistedly handle. This will prove his dedication to this plan to the court, as a definite course will be not only laid, but traveled.

Now that I've come off completely bossy and intolerable, let me agree with Jessica that it will pass. I had an older lady friend years ago when my life was in complete shambles. She didn't, not one bit, feel sorry for my anguish at my life. She did however give me something to look back on when she simply said,"Honey, it's just your turn. It'll be over soon enough, and then it will be their turn."

Kristine said...

I've been enjoying your blog for sorry for the stress your family is under.