Tuesday, July 15, 2008

As Time Goes By

Now it has really been a week, and I'm feeling a little sad that so much of our vacation is over. Feeling a little annoyed, too, that I can't get Picasa to let me log in and post pics on here. 'Cause boy, my kids are cute, and they have been having so much fun lately.

Getting into a world of trouble, too, some days. We still don't know what bit Pirate Boy on our last day of camping (Saturday), but whatever it was, it made his eye swell shut and his arm swell up like a balloon, and it was pretty sad to see. Once again my wonderful dad came to the rescue, taking care of him so well and then taking him to a doctor (who said we'd been doing all the right things anyway).

So now Pirate Boy is well again and going a mile a minute for more hours of the day than normal. Did you know the sun stays up later here? Well, there aren't all those pesky mountains to block its light here. Not so many, anyway. So we stay up late, eat lots of good stuff (pizza and ice cream tonight), play and swim and explore and visit... My kids had their first visit to a movie theater today-- Kung Fu Panda, I'm sorry to say. But they enjoyed it, so it was worth the trip.

And somehow, I made my deadline today and am more or less keeping current on my work. Which is good because we have lots more planned for the next couple weeks. After that, I have no plans at all, and that's kind of scary. I guess I'll cross that narrow, rickety bridge when I come to it.

Meanwhile, the phone at my house hasn't been ringing this week, according to TM. And even the answering machine isn't giving him clues about when we're calling. At least, he's not answering tonight. Well, we've always got email...


Jen said...

Yikes, that bite sounds scary!

Jack said...

Glad to hear you're having a good time.

So are you sorry to say this was your kids' first visit to a theater or sorry to say the first visit was Kung-fu Panda? We saw it a couple weeks back, too. I thought it was great.

Hey, we were just in your home state! I was going to call you and try to stop by on our way through, but read you were going to be at your parents so I didn't. We had a nice vacation there. Hiked to a snow field and glacial fed lake, saw some dinosaur sites. The only problem we ran into was poor signage on your roads. Or maybe I'm just spoiled by living in a state with really good signage. Yay taxes!

Sylvia said...

I talked to TM the night before you got home for about an hour. I called to talk to you but you weren't there. Our conversation reminded me of the TM that was originally in there, not the one that has taken over. I still don't believe it's hopeless but where the next footfall is- I just can't tell.

Love you so much and wish you weren't hurting. I miss the happy pain-free Scone. Willey handcart company survivor extraordinaire.