Wednesday, December 12, 2007

What's Up

Sick again. Don't know whether this has anything to do with the additional foot of snow we got this week, but maybe... Missed writer's group again because of it. They're gonna think I don't love them anymore.

#1 Son is at his first jujitsu exhibition tonight. He's already an orange belt, or is it brown? He's gotten both, I just can't remember which is which. All this as part of the wonderful school we send the kids to. I totally love it.

As I mentioned a while ago, we got a photo taken of our family, enough to send to all our friends and relatives. The photo cost $10; now we can't afford postage. I feel pretty silly. Well, eventually TM will get a job and we'll have some money again. Really. I have to believe it.

Speaking of my dear husband, he interviewed a couple weeks ago for a job that would be absolutely perfect for him-- and would pay twice what he could get around here. (Yeah, it's quite far away, and I don't know how we'd arrange the transportation, but we would. They'd let him telecommute most of the time "once he's settled in" so it would totally be worth it.)

We did take a test drive of a really spiffy new-model SUV recently; the dealership was offering restaurant gift cards. The sales guy was new, so he didn't remember to ask whether we could actually finance a new car before our test drive. Nope, sorry, no income means no sale. Sorry. This is one time when "no" is not the start of the sale.

Don't know what else. I've had a lot on my mind and have mentally composed several posts recently, but I can't remember what about. Maybe it'll come back later. Stay tuned.


Renee said...

Feel better soon!

We've gotten about 1/2 of that snow you're talking about. I'm so sick of driving my car in 4x4 (I will FORCE DH to go get that looked at cuz it stinks!) I can't make turns with it on!

Could you scan your family picture into the computer and email it to the folks on your Christmas Card list? (I know most of my list doesn't have internet so it wouldn't work for me at all.) But it would be okay for some...right?


Jen said...

I hope you're feeling better soon.

I've done that before, that is, bought pictures then couldn't send them. I don't have any advice, just know you're not alone!

Scone said...

You're right, Renee. We can email photos to a lot of people. I realized that about the time you did, apparently. I'm definitely having The Man do his that way. He hates doing Christmas cards.

And my awesome dad sent us a book of stamps for the rest of the cards, so we're good. Yay!

Thanks for the get well wishes, gals. Apparently this cold has a tummy-bug chaser, but I *think* I'm almost better now. Really.