Friday, January 06, 2006

A Quick Update

Sitting by the phone, waiting for the ring that will tell me whether I get a third interview for a very cool job. In fact, at this time of year, it's positively Arctic. Location: Omaha. Good grief. If this wasn't the best job in the country right now, I wouldn't be after it. But after all these months of burnout and shell shock, this opportunity has me interested in having a career again. Interested enough that I'm actually considering how to pull off a move to Nebraska. And liking it. I don't need to go into the complications of the whole situation, I'm sure. You remember what happened when we tried to move to Utah last year. This time we have a bit better chance, seeing as how it's survival and all. But it's still pretty dicey.

Sigh. And on a completely different note, my adorable little redhead, wearing a pirate hat and brandishing a sword, just grinned at me and said, "Shiver me timbers! We must have taken a wrong turn at Bora Bora!" Hee. More later. Must take video.


Jack said...

Sweet! Every other year or so we drive through Omaha on our way out west. Becky has relatives there and in Lincoln whom we generally stop to see. Omaha/Lincoln actually make for good 1st-day-of-travel stopping spots from Manitowoc heading west on I-80.

Good luck!

Kory O said...


Well, I'll trade you citrus for steaks if you get it. Deal?

His Worship said...

I know two short people who would love that idea...seeing their cousins more than once a millenium is very appealing!

Dorothy said...

Ok, now I know what I'm praying for tonight! We could come and see you all on a day trip. 3hrs! (I know totally selfish) but the chance to have a great job opportunity is also pretty fantastic. Good luck ***Crosses fingers and sports the full-toothed, ear to ear grin***